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Orthodontic solutions

Here at Selandra Dental we offer a wide range of Orthodontic solutions to suit everybody’s individual needs, including conventional braces, clear braces (porcelain), internal / lingual braces, orthopedic devices & Clear Correct . More than straight teeth and a truly beautiful smile.

Misalignments - this can cause teeth to break more easily or wear unevenly over time.

Better bite
- This aids in chewing and reduces wear and tear on the tooth enamel and jaws.

- Well aligned teeth makes it easier to clean and also aids to prevent additional dental problems such as decay& gum disease. We always need to focus on good oral hygiene as gum disease is known to be associated with heart disease, stroke and other diseases.

- In some cases speech difficulties can arise due to misaligned teeth, open bites/ over bites and jaw problems.

And lastly the overall feeling & self confidence that comes with knowing your smile is beautiful and working perfectly. As we all know everybody loves a truly beautiful smile.